Making Your Shuttles the Best Local Transportation Service

by Team Quickride on October 25, 2022

If your dealership is not adapting to new systems and technology, it risks suffering competitive consequences. However, the features and services a dealership offers need to be cost-effective. Car owners will turn to those dealerships offering services that make getting a vehicle repaired easier. In addition, customers want convenience and customization with their dealership services. Enter stage right, your shuttle service. Dealerships should put their shuttle service at the top of their customer service offerings, investing as much as they can to make their service outshine third-party rideshare and become the best local transportation service. By making customers feel like they are receiving special treatment throughout the entire transportation process, you increase the likelihood of repeat service and more referrals.

Setting the Standard

Establishing a small, in-home transportation service program within the dealership ensures you have complete command. The dealership can hold its service team and shuttle drivers to a higher standard than third-party vendors or ridesharing companies. Your shuttles will be a similar experience to a rideshare, but at a premium standard. One way you can get ideas for improving your services is by conducting research and comparing the most successful transportation services. Take the best features you find and combine them for a unique program that suits the specific needs of your customers.

By having your own internal transportation service, you can share data with the dealership’s other departments to gather intelligence they may need for forecasting, customer experience improvement, or to improve operational efficiency.

Choosing the Right Drivers

Managing an internal shuttle service means hiring and managing the shuttle vehicles' drivers. This ensures consistency and quality of the drivers. With a single set of standards in place, each driver knows the dealership’s expected level of commitment to safety and exceptional service. When customers have a positive shuttle experience, this minimizes negative reviews and presents your dealership more opportunity for new customers from word-of-mouth. 

Notifying Riders

Customers want transparency and communication with their dealership’s service center. When a dealership has its own transportation program, it can control how and when it communicates with its customers. Using dealership software can make it easier to schedule automated communications through texts. 

Shuttle software like Quickride can enable a dealership to send real-time updates. Timely updates keep the customer informed of the vehicle’s status. This helps them organize their day to be ready when their vehicle is ready. 

Changing Your Customer Service Strategy

According to the J.D. Power 2020 Customer Service Index (CSI) Study, younger customers in the Generation Y demographic have higher expectations than older customers. As younger customers start entering the market, you may have to reconsider your old customer service offerings to keep up with the demands of a new segment. Offering an in-house transportation system that includes top-tier customer services sets your dealership service center apart. Combining that service with real-time updates and text communication takes the service to the next level. This ease of use and positive experience encourages customers to commit to repeat future visits. 

Offer Your Own Transportation Service 

To remain competitive, a dealership needs to offer the services that customers desire. In addition, to remain profitable, it needs to operate these services in a budget-friendly manner. An in-house transportation service can address both of these needs. Implementing a dealership shuttle software can make it simple to establish an in-house shuttle service and improve your service department

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