Why Your Shuttle Driver is Critical to Customer Experience

by author Team Quickride on August 24, 2022

Every experience that a customer has while supporting your business influences how that customer views the company and brand as a whole. From the first moment they call, text, email, or walk through the door, they are paying attention to how people treat them. One person who has the ability to make or break the customer service experience is your shuttle driver. 

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Reviews from customers in Quickride managed shuttles.


Customers want to feel informed and valued. Your service department can give them this by facilitating open and timely communication between the shuttle driver and the customer. Utilizing dealership software makes this simple by providing real-time automatic updates to the customer when the shuttle driver's status changes. This can alert them that the shuttle driver is leaving the origin location and on their way to the customer or that the shuttle driver has arrived for pickup. A recent study indicated that 53% of customers want these text notification communications. Real-time updates mean the customer is never left guessing. 


Dealership software is also essential for scheduling. Your shuttle service should be an added convenience, not a hindrance to your customer. Advance scheduling allows you to optimize a shuttle driver’s schedule while also providing transport when your customer needs it. Plan the scheduling of your shuttle drivers so that you have a team ready and available for when your customers need them. 


Customers bringing their vehicles in for repair or service are already frustrated by the inconvenience; your shuttle driver shouldn’t compound this. Dealership software that provides real-time driving tracking enables you to provide better timing estimates to your customers. This makes it easier to coordinate schedules and ensure they are available and ready for pickup at their scheduled time.  

Real-time tracking also allows for accurate turn-by-turn navigation guidance for your shuttle drivers. This helps them avoid potential road delays and getting lost while in transit. In addition, this ensures they maintain their schedule and do not miss scheduled customer transport appointments. 

Ride Quality 

Service center customers utilizing your ride shuttle service is your dealership’s chance to show off. You have a captive audience to experience a real-world driving experience of your dealership’s vehicles. A quality shuttle driver understands that it’s more than just transport. They will maintain the vehicle so that it’s clean and presentable and be courteous to riders. During the ride, they can answer questions and highlight why they like driving the shuttle vehicle model. 

Driving Experience 

Your customers' safety and well-being are your shuttle driver's responsibility while in the vehicle. This means employing drivers who follow the rules of the road. Your customers should never have to worry about a driver not stopping for a red light, speeding, following too closely, or being distracted while driving. By practicing this level of responsibility and professionalism, your shuttle driver represents the professionalism of your dealership and service center. If your shuttle driver holds themselves to a higher standard, your customer will assume that other employees for the dealership also maintain a higher performance standard.