5 Reasons Service Dispatch Software Is The Ideal Solution For Your Dealership

by Kristine on October 5, 2022

Blog #13 5 Reasons Service Dispatch Software Is The Ideal Solution For Your Dealership

If you're like most dealerships, things can get a little crazy at times. It's not uncommon for the workload to be high and be in need of some automation. That's why so many dealerships are turning to service dispatch software as the answer to their prayers. Here are five reasons why:

1. Better Control Over the Shuttle Schedule

Dispatch software is the ideal solution for your dealership. The first reason is that it allows you to better control over the shuttle schedule, which is a key part of any business. As they are responsible for shuttling customers back and forth between service departments, drivers have a lot of flexibility in their schedule, which can lead to some issues if they aren’t managed properly. You don’t want drivers making random stops throughout the day or staying too long at one location without getting back on track with their scheduled route.

Dispatch software will allow you to see where your drivers are at any given time, how long they have been on the road, and how close they are to their next stop (or home). With this information at hand, management can make better-informed decisions about when it's safe for them to leave one location and head off towards another—or whether there's enough time left in the day for another roundtrip run before going home themselves!

2. Faster Response Times Mean More Happy Customers, Less Elapsed Time

For your business, faster response times mean more happy customers. If a customer needs a service request answered quickly and you're able to provide that, it will improve their opinion of your dealership. Once they know that you're willing to help them when they need it and can get back to them in record time, customers are more likely to return because they have confidence in the services you offer.

It's also important for cost savings and profitability. If an employee takes too long responding to an issue or problem, it can delay the process, which leads to further delays due to waiting lists at other dealerships or even delays in receiving new parts from suppliers or manufacturers as well as increased costs associated with additional labor costs due to overtime pay rates (or other forms of compensation).

3. Reduces Expenses by Helping You Provide a More Efficient and Effective Service

Service dispatch software helps reduce your expenses by reducing idle time, which can be one of the most expensive aspects of running a dealership. Idle time means vehicles sitting around with no one to work on them. This is especially problematic in dealerships that have only a small number of mechanics and technicians, or where it takes awhile for someone to get from point A to point B due to traffic or other issues.

The software also reduces fuel costs by making sure that the right people are using their vehicles at the right times—for example, if you only need two techs working on Tuesday but four techs working on Wednesday, it’s best not to waste gas driving three techs out there when they don't need to be there. The same goes with tools and equipment: If you have enough spares stocked up so nobody needs new parts or tools while they're working on something else? That's another cost savings!

Finally, service dispatch software helps reduce labor costs as well because it ensures each technician gets paid fairly based upon how long their task takes them rather than relying on guesswork about whether or not certain tasks require more time than others before determining whether that person should receive overtime pay (or even regular wages). Additionally, this kind of system makes sure nobody misses any important steps such as cleaning up after themselves before leaving at night so nothing gets missed during morning check-in processes; again--more efficiency leads directly back into savings over time!

4. Helps Your Dealership Run a More Efficient & Profitable Business

The right service dispatch software will help you run a more efficient and profitable business.

With automated tasks and modernized processes like vehicle delivery, it's easier to keep track of your vehicles and their service schedules. When a vehicle needs attention, you can schedule the appointment with our easy-to-use system, so there's no need for manual labor or complicated spreadsheets. You'll be able to provide customers with an accurate estimate when they request an appointment—and they'll love knowing that they won't have any unpleasant surprises at pickup time! Your team can also use the software to manage appointments on their own time; this helps them work more productively without having to juggle paperwork in between jobs or at home after hours.

With better visibility into each vehicle's status, your team will know when repairs are due—and if there are any issues that need immediate attention before further damage occurs (or if parts need replacing). This improved visibility lets everyone focus on keeping vehicles running safely instead of worrying about whether everything is functioning properly; plus it reduces costs by ensuring that repairs are only done when necessary rather than being done unnecessarily early because someone didn't know what was happening beneath the hood (or under any other part of your car).

5. No Changes to Your Existing Infrastructure - Simply Use with Your Existing Devices

One of the best software systems that can improve your dealership’s dispatch system is Quickride. Quickride is a cloud-based system that is easily integrated with existing equipment and software, so there are no changes required to your current infrastructure. All you have to do is provide access to the Quickride dashboard, which allows you to view vehicle status in real-time and make sure everything is running smoothly. The biggest benefit of using Quickride over a traditional system is that it is completely web-based. This means that you can access the dashboard from any computer with an Internet connection, which means no more trying to find a place to park your laptop when you want to check on a car's status. 

Service Dispatch Software will make your dealership more efficient and more profitable

Service Dispatch Software is the ultimate tool for a dealership to manage its fleet of vehicles and technicians. With it, you can dispatch technicians based on their skill set, rather than their location. This ensures that your customers are getting the right technician for their vehicle, no matter where they are located in your city.

  • You will be able to save money by reducing travel costs: The average employee spends $1,300 per year on gas alone when driving back and forth between home and work! Service Dispatch Software allows you to reduce these expenses by sending employees on multiple jobs at once instead of wasting time driving back from one job site to another (which creates additional wear & tear on their vehicle).
  • You will be able to provide an improved customer experience: Your customers won’t have to wait around for hours because there is no longer any lag between booking an appointment online and being greeted by a technician at their doorstep when they arrive home from work! And if something goes wrong with an appointment (like if someone forgets about it), then we can simply reschedule it without too much fuss or confusion for either party involved in this process; which means less stress overall!

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With so many benefits, it’s clear that service dispatch software is the way of the future! Not only does it help to streamline your business and improve customer satisfaction, but it also makes it more profitable. The best part is that this type of software can easily be integrated into any existing infrastructure because there are no changes required – just start using it!

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