Why Should I Always Take a Shuttle Service from a Local Dealer?

by Kristine on March 2, 2022

Whether it's for business or personal use, there will always be times when you will have to leave your vehicle at a collision shop for repairs. But with the time that it requires, it can be very inconvenient. That's why many people look into the advantages of using a shuttle service from your local dealership.

The question, "why should I always take a shuttle service from a local dealer?" is often difficult too answer. Here are the top reasons why shuttles are still the best option.

Reliable, On-Time Service

When traveling, you want to make sure that you get to where you're going on time and in a safe manner. This is why you want to take a shuttle service from a local dealership. I think everyone knows why, but to explain it in the most simple way possible: timing is everything, and in this case, it means the difference between ending up at your destination perfectly on schedule, missing important meetings, or wasting hours of your valuable time.

When you choose to use a local dealer's shuttle service, you can be sure that your driver will be on time. You won't have to worry about them being delayed because they are held up somewhere or stuck in traffic. Most dealerships offer free shuttle services and will pick you up or drop you off at the time of your choosing.

Trained Drivers and Safe Vehicles

You might wonder what a shuttle service from a local dealer has to do with the quality of your car's repairs.

Dealerships have their own team of trained drivers and safe vehicles. If they didn't, they wouldn't offer the shuttle service in the first place. When you take advantage of this ride, you know it will be comfortable and safe.

More importantly, a dealership shuttle shows that the car seller cares about its customers' needs. It's willing to invest time and money to ensure that people can maintain their schedules while getting their vehicles serviced. This can help make sure you're always happy with your dealership experience.

You Save Money

How much do you think it will cost to have your car towed to the mechanic? This is such a hassle and an inconvenience. You are better off having your vehicle taken to the mechanic for you. The shuttle service is free, so it makes sense to call and get a ride when you need it.

Some dealerships even offer free car washes if you bring in your car for service. The same can be said for oil changes. This can save you even more money and help keep your vehicle looking great! And you can expect the staff to be very professional and courteous to their customers. 

While you can take an Uber or Lyft, these options may not be as reliable or cost-effective.

The shuttle service isn't a new idea. It has been around for quite some time. The idea is simple: a dealer will give you a ride from your home or destination to the store or dealership. It's an easy way to get you in and out of their shop without having to worry about parking. The most common reasons for using a shuttle service are for maintenance or collision repair-related needs, but a shuttle service can also be helpful if you need to have your current vehicle assessed for trade-in value.

While you can take an Uber or Lyft, these options may not be as reliable or cost-effective. Especially at peak or rush hour, fees can be outrageous, and booking a ride can have you waiting for hours. Not to mention, Uber or Lyft drivers can sometimes be rude, grumpy, and worse, cancel your ride. 


While I can't tell you how your particular car dealership operates, I can tell you this: the shuttle service operators I know are highly trained professionals who take their job seriously (and, in some cases, nearly to the heart). If you trust your dealer to get you one heck of a deal on a new vehicle, why wouldn't you trust them to make sure that you get home safely after the sale is complete? In all honesty, my guess is that many of these drivers maybe even better at their jobs than their peers selling the cars. So the next time you plan to go to an auto dealership, do yourself a favor and make sure they have a shuttle service. You will like how smooth and efficient your buying experience is that way!

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