When You Least Expect It: Your Shuttle Service Saves The Day

by Kristine on November 23, 2022

Blog #21 When You Least Expect It Your Shuttle Service Saves The Day

Shuttle service is one of the most underrated products in a dealership. It's often taken for granted, but we think it should be celebrated!

There are so many reasons why we love shuttle services in dealerships: they help with customer satisfaction and retention, they reduce operational expenses, they improve employee morale and retention, and they're just plain fun!

Shuttle service is not just about getting a customer's car to the dealership for service or parts. It's also about getting the customers to where they need to be when they need to be there. And that's where a good shuttle program is invaluable.

A good shuttle program means drivers with good driving records and vehicles that are always ready when they're needed. Here are some ways that a good shuttle service can make a big difference:

  1. Your shuttle driver will get your customer safely from home to work or vice versa every day, even if there's bad weather or if traffic is heavy.
  2. Customers never have to wait for an unreliable Taxi or Uber/Lyft again—or worry about whether it will even show up at all.
  3. Customer vehicle gets repaired on time because your driver knows exactly when and where to get the parts picked up and delivered.
  4. The customer experience is improved with the use of Quickride because Service Managers are able to track the shuttle in real time. Service Managers can also see how many people are riding in the shuttle and what their destinations are. This helps make sure that everyone is on the same page and ready for the next stop.

It's easy to take for granted the value of shuttle service—especially if you're already using one. But if you haven't thought about how much of a difference it can make for your dealership, then you should consider the following:

  1. Your shuttle service is the first impression given to customers and potential customers, as well as the last one given to them as they pick up their vehicles. This leaves a lasting impact on their overall experience with your dealership.
  2. Without a safe, clean and well-maintained vehicle, how can your dealership stand apart from the competition?
  3. A highly-rated shuttle service will set you apart from dealerships that have average or below-average-rated shuttle programs.
  4. By providing a 5-star customer experience throughout their visit to your dealership, you are more likely to retain these customers and increase customer satisfaction scores. These scores are often tied to performance bonuses for your dealership staff, so this is an important part of any dealership’s success plan!
  5. Having safe drivers is paramount to operating a successful

When it comes right down to it, a good shuttle service means everything in today's competitive market—because people want their vehicles fixed right the first time and don't want any extra hassle when they come into a dealership.


Quickride is a shuttle management platform that can help you provide your customers with a better experience. Our system helps you and your service department manage, schedule and dispatch your shuttle fleet through one simple dashboard, so you can get back to what's really important—running your business! 

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