What You Need to Know About the Future of Your Service Department

by Kristine on January 25, 2023

future of serviceAs we continue to advance in the autonomous car industry and grow our connected vehicle landscape, one question remains for dealers--What does this mean for my dealership service department? The answer is not simple, as a lot of things will need to be considered in order to provide the best service possible. One thing we can do today to prepare for this technology and make sure that we’re ready when it becomes mainstream. That means educating ourselves about how connected vehicles could change the way we do things and learning about how our customers interact with their cars on a daily basis.

Rise of semi-autonomous vehicles

The rise of semi-autonomous vehicles is going to have a massive impact on how you do business. It's only a matter of time before your dealership is receiving vehicle pickup and delivery requests, and you need to be prepared.

Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Connected cars are coming, but they're not quite here yet. The number of connected cars on the road will continue to grow over time, and as they become more prevalent we'll see more and more services being offered through them.
  2. Connected vehicles have some major benefits, including increased safety, reduced costs and emissions, improved productivity, and more convenient transport options.
  3. Getting ready for connected vehicles can be done in several ways:
    • First by understanding what these vehicles mean for your dealership.
    • Second, by educating yourself about how they work.
    • Third, by preparing for how they might change your business.
    • Fourth, by evaluating what the competition is doing about this new technology.
    • Fifth, by making sure your infrastructure supports it all.
    • Lasty, by having an open mind about how customers may want to use their connected cars).

Advancements in auto connectivity

We all know that the auto industry is changing. And while we don't know exactly what the future will look like, we can be sure of one thing: connected vehicles are going to play a huge role in shaping it.

What does this mean for your service department?

Well, first of all, it means you need to start thinking about how connected vehicles will change your business. Connected vehicles are already making their way into the mainstream market, and they're only going to become more popular as time goes on. It's important that you stay ahead of the curve by making sure your team is ready for them when they arrive on your lot.

Here are some ways you can prepare:

Step 1: Get the right people in place. You need technicians who understand how to work with automation and all its intricately complex systems. These technicians should also have strong communication skills and enjoy working with customers and their families.

Step 2: Invest in the right tools. You'll need diagnostic equipment that can handle the increased complexity of modern vehicles—so make sure you have an adequate supply before things start getting really interesting!

Step 3: Provide training opportunities for employees. This will ensure that everyone on your team has a good understanding of what's coming in terms of automotive trends, so they can adapt accordingly!

Step 4: Keep up with the latest industry news. This will help you stay on top of what's happening in the automotive world—and make sure that your technicians have all the information they need to perform at their best.

Step 5: Embrace change! As we've said before, it's easier than ever for customers to connect with their favorite brands online—so make sure that your company is ready for whatever comes next!

Customer expectations are changing

The future of your service department is changing, and it's all because of connected vehicles.

We're not talking about the "connected car" or the "connected auto capabilities," we're talking about the connected vehicle. What does that mean? It means that your customers can expect to interact with your service department in entirely new ways.

Your business will be expected to provide more services than ever before. You'll need to offer shuttle service for customers who want to wait for their car in comfort, pick up and deliver cars for customers who want to get where they need to go on time, and even offer shared mobility options for those who want a ride-hailing experience at their fingertips.

In order for you to be successful in this new world of mobility, you'll need a partner like Quickride. Quickride is a leading provider of shared mobility and fleet management solutions. We've been helping businesses like yours provide the best possible service to your customers. We're experts in the field, and we're here to help you take advantage of the new world of mobility.

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The future of automotive transportation is now

We're not just talking about the rise of autonomous vehicles and the impact they will have on society. We're also talking about how connected vehicles can change your service department.

In fact, with the rise of connected vehicles—and all the technological advances that come along with them—your dealership's future is looking brighter than ever.

Here's why:

  • As cars become more connected, they will be able to communicate with each other and their surroundings more efficiently. This means that they'll be able to predict potential problems before they happen, which means fewer accidents and less damage to your cars.
  • As cars become more connected, they also become more efficient at using energy, which means less pollution and lower costs for you as well as your customers!
  • And finally, as cars become more connected, they will become easier for you to manage remotely—which means you can spend less time fixing things yourself and more time helping your customers find exactly what they need from your dealership.

A new generation of customers is coming. They will seek convenience, cost savings, and features previously only available on luxury models. So as you read this, start thinking about how your dealership will migrate to using connected car services for your service department. Autonomous vehicles are not far away, and the vehicles equipped with these features are already arriving at dealerships. Will your dealership be ready?

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