Vehicle Pickup and Delivery: A Strategic Investment for Modern Car Dealerships

by Kristine on December 13, 2023

A Strategic Investment for Modern Car Dealerships

In the relentlessly competitive auto retail industry, car dealerships need to constantly innovate to improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. One trend gaining momentum is vehicle pickup and delivery service. In this article, we delve into its benefits and how it can translate into impressive returns on investment (ROI) using real-world examples from Quickride case studies.

The Importance of Vehicle Pickup and Delivery Services

Consumer expectations are changing. In the age of convenience delivered via services like Uber and Amazon Prime, customers increasingly expect a similar level of service from dealerships. Offering pickup and delivery services not only caters to this evolving demand but also leverages it as a source of competitive advantage and potential revenue gain.

Case Study Comparison

The Marvin K. Brown Auto Center, as depicted in Quickride's case studies, provides exemplary evidence of the efficacy of implementing vehicle pickup and delivery services. The dealership was initially grappling with tracking driver and customer schedules using old pen and clipboard methods, leading to customer dissatisfaction. Upon implementing Quickride's all-in-one platform, they not only saved significant time but also improved their customer satisfaction rating by 25%. Their shuttle service now has a 4 out of 5 impact rating on their overall customer experience, thereby underlining the significant positive ROI.

3 Way Chevrolet's Mark Toohey heaps praise on Quickride saying, "Once we implemented Quickride, I stopped getting customer complaints about the shuttle, I started earning new money from warranty reimbursements and I was saving money on my customer transportation."

Actionable Steps to Implement Vehicle Pickup and Delivery at Your Dealership

Introducing vehicle pickup and delivery services can provide a major uplift to your customer experience. Here are the refined steps car dealerships can take to implement these services:

  1. Assess Customer Needs: Examine your customer demographic. Understand their lifestyle and schedules to determine the demand for a pickup and delivery service. Ford's recent initiative demonstrates that customers value the convenience of remote services for tasks such as oil changes and recall repairs.
  2. Decide on Services to Offer Remotely: Your dealership could choose what services to provide from a customer’s home or business. Consider services such as basic maintenance and light repairs that don't require specialized dealership facilities.
  3. Prepare Your Infrastructure: If offering complete maintenance services remotely isn't feasible, consider a complimentary pickup and delivery service for vehicles due for service at your dealership. This will still offer significant convenience to your customers.
  4. Partner with a Platform: Use an established platform like Quickride or develop a proprietary system to streamline service bookings. Ensure your platform allows customers to check their car status, receive support, and book service appointments.
  5. Train Your Staff: To provide remote services, you'll need a team of trained technicians who can perform light repairs and maintenance tasks at customer’s home or office locations.
  6. Market Your Service: Make your customers aware of your new pickup and delivery service. Highlight its benefits and how it can save them time and offer greater convenience.
  7. Create Seamless Online Experience: Customers are increasingly expecting a modern online car purchasing experience with an intuitive mobile app. Ensuring your dealership offers this, alongside remote services, will augment your customer experience greatly.
  8. Track and Respond to Feedback: As with any new service, it's essential to track customer satisfaction and address any hitches promptly. Your goal should be continuous improvement to increase the appeal of your pickup and delivery service.

By adopting these measures, car dealerships can not only enhance the customer experience but also differentiate their brand from competitors.


While introducing new services at your car dealership requires investment, the potential payoff in terms of customer satisfaction and repeat business can significantly boost your bottom line. The real-world examples from Quickride's case studies clearly show the impressive ROI of vehicle pickup and delivery services.

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