Telematics: The Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Technology

by Kristine on March 1, 2023

Blog #49 Telematics The Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Technology

Telematics systems are a relatively new technology that uses a vehicle's onboard computer and GPS system to track its location. They can be used to monitor many aspects of your car, from fuel consumption and maintenance history to driver behavior and safety.

Telematics devices are installed in your car by the manufacturer or an aftermarket installer, who will also manage the service for you. Once installed, telematics will automatically send data back to the company managing it so they can use this information to provide you with valuable insights into how well your vehicle is performing--and how much money it could be saving you!

Benefits of Using a Telematics System

The Benefits of Using a Telematics System include improved efficiency, reduced costs, increased safety, better customer service, and improved fleet management. Telematics systems use GPS tracking to monitor a vehicle’s location and performance, allowing businesses to gain insight into their fleet operations and make improvements. Here are five examples of the benefits of using a telematics system:

  1. Improved Efficiency: Telematics can help businesses improve efficiency by providing real-time communication and routing apps to divert drivers away from road delays and toward high-priority loads. This can add even a few minutes of driving time to each driver’s daily hours of service (HOS) and improve overall efficiency. 
  2. Reduced Costs: Telematics can help businesses reduce fuel costs by providing metrics such as vehicle arrival and departure times, travel time between different jobs, and duration of stops on jobs. This can help businesses identify areas where fuel costs can be reduced and optimize their fleet operations. 
  3. Increased Safety: Telematics can help businesses increase safety by providing features such as speed limiters, which can help prevent drivers from exceeding the speed limit. This can help reduce the risk of accidents and improve overall safety. 
  4. Better Customer Service: Telematics can help businesses provide better customer service by providing real-time tracking of vehicles, which can help businesses provide accurate estimates of delivery times and better manage customer expectations. 
  5. Improved Fleet Management: Telematics can help businesses improve fleet management by providing metrics such as engine hour monitoring and service record tracking. This can help businesses plan regular maintenance and warranty recovery, which can help improve the overall efficiency of their fleet operations. 

Examples of Telematics Systems in Use

  • Fleet management
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Navigation
  • Safety monitoring
  • Remote diagnostics

How to Optimize Your Telematics System

Optimizing your telematics system can help you get the most out of your data and ensure that you are getting the most value out of your system. Here are three ways to optimize your telematics system:

  1. Utilize more data: Your telematics system should not be limited to the driver behavior data from the hardware on the bus. Look for ways to collect more data, such as engine load, engine hours of operation, fuel level, and engine fuel used. This will help you gain a better understanding of your fleet’s performance and make more informed decisions. 
  2. Implement telematics software: Telematics software can help you automate the process of gathering and storing data, as well as provide real-time communication and GPS. This will help you increase overall productivity and keep operational costs down.
  3. Analyze the data: Once you have collected the data, it is important to analyze it in order to get the most value out of it. Look for patterns and trends in the data and use it to make informed decisions about your fleet operations.

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Telematics systems are revolutionizing the car dealership industry, providing invaluable insights into how vehicles are performing and allowing businesses to save money on fuel costs. From improved business efficiency to cost reduction and increased safety, car dealerships can take full advantage of the benefits of a telematics system. By selecting the right provider, integrating with existing systems, and leveraging data to improve performance, car dealerships can ensure they are maximizing the benefits of the technology. With telematics systems, car dealerships can improve their operations, save money, and ensure the safety of their drivers. 

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