Shuttle Driver Tracking. We Promise It's Not Creepy

by Kristine on November 2, 2022

How often have you found yourself wondering where your shuttle driver is?

We know, it's a stressful situation—after all, the drivers are the ones who are most responsible for getting your customers safely back and forth between home/work and the dealership. But here's the thing: when you're running a business, it's important to know where your drivers are at all times. Not only can this help you minimize liability in case of an accident or other incident, but it also helps improve customer service by providing them with more accurate wait times and allowing them to better plan their day.

The Challenge

When you're dealing with a fleet of drivers who are constantly out on the road, it can be difficult to track their progress and performance. With the right technology and a little planning, this is something that can be overcome.

The problem is that drivers don't want to get tracked. They feel like they're being watched all the time—even when they're not working. It's a problem that many drivers have with management in general, but for car dealerships, it's particularly important to get your team on board with this kind of technology because it impacts their success in terms of getting cars delivered and keeping customers happy.

It's no secret that a lack of visibility has negative effects on any service. But the situation is especially dire in car dealerships that offer a shuttle service, but don't have a tracking system in place to help service managers keep tabs on their drivers.

Here are some of the issues that arise when drivers aren’t tracked:

  1. Drivers are often late, which can cause problems with customers who need to be at work or school.
  2. Drivers don't always know where they're going, which means they waste time and fuel asking for directions or getting lost.
  3. The dealership is unable to see where the driver is at any given time, which makes it difficult to keep tabs on when a customer needs their car delivered.
  4. Drivers sometimes skip stops altogether and don't come back to the dealership until they're done driving around town.
  5. Drivers sometimes take out personal errands while they're supposed to be working—and that means they aren't prioritizing the customers waiting for a ride

The Solution

A shuttle management platform is an essential tool for any company that offers shuttles or transportation services to its customers. They are designed to help you manage your fleet of shuttles, including scheduling rides and keeping track of their location and mileage.

With a shuttle management platform, you can improve efficiency by offering real-time updates on vehicle location and status, so you know exactly where your drivers are at all times. You can also monitor and make sure your drivers are sticking to their schedules and routes.

At Quickride, we believe that the most important thing is to help drivers get their job done. That's why we've developed a driver tracking system that not only helps them stay organized and on schedule but also helps track all of your vehicles and lets you know where they are at all times.

Our driver tracking system is the perfect solution to help car dealerships like yours stay organized and on schedule. Here are the driver advantages:

  1. Improved communication with the dispatcher. Using the automatic dispatch system, the driver will receive notifications on their phone for any new ride and ride changes. The driver will be able to see ride updates without needing to make a phone call.
  2. Improved driver safety and security. The app provides turn-by-turn directions, eliminating the need to waste time driving around trying to find a location or getting lost. The driver will also be able to see the route in advance, so they can plan accordingly.
  3. Route optimization. The algorithm used by Quickride optimizes for the shortest route with the fewest possible stops for passengers. It is programmed to find the most efficient path based on the costs, weights, distances, and other parameters specified to get the most optimal result.
  4. Reduced driver stress. Drivers will be able to see the next pick-up location on their phones and know how far away it is from their current location. This reduces stress, which means a better experience for your customers.
  5. Improved customer service and satisfaction. Your customers will appreciate knowing exactly who and where their driver is and when they should expect them to arrive at the pickup location.



In a digital age where technology is quickly becoming more advanced and part of everyday society, customer service still remains one of the most important things to customers. All the bells and whistles in technology mean nothing if the customer is not receiving what they want from their service experience. This is why many car dealerships have switched to using this new technology to track their shuttles. In essence, it is a win-win situation for all parties involved in this process. Save money, time and effort with virtual tracking tools and start your 30-day free trial with Quickride today.

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