Rideshare Nightmares: 7 Shocking Tweets Reveal the Ugly Side of Outsourcing Dealership Rides

by Kristine on June 7, 2023

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In this eye-opening tweet compilation, we dive into the world of ride-share horror stories, as told by real customers through their tweets.

From hilarious mishaps to downright terrifying experiences, these anecdotes are a great reminder why it’s important for dealerships to retain control of off-site experiences. So, buckle up and prepare for a wild journey through the darker side of ridesharing, and discover why it might be time for car dealerships to step up and offer a safer, more reliable alternative. Let the rideshare nightmares begin!*

#1.  πŸ€― Hot chocolate disaster in an Uber! Who knew dealership escapes could be so thrilling? Beware of wild rides and wardrobe malfunctions! #BraveRideshareWarrior


"Got into the Uber, she floors it [out of the dealership and I immediately spill my hot chocolate down my shirt. I didn't cry tho, I didn't even whimper because I'm God's bravest soldier xx"

#2. 😱 Life on the edge with a daredevil Lyft driver. Can the dealership fix the car before our nerves are shattered? #DeathDefyingRideshare


"My Lyft driver tryna kill me. I need the dealership to hurry up and fix my car. I can't keep living like this. 

#3. πŸ”The case of the missing item in a dealership-arranged Lyft. Will our hero ever reunite with their belongings? #RideshareMysteries


"@AskLyft I'm trying to contact cust serv. I left something in my driver's trunk and haven't been able to connect the driver.

I'm not a Lyft customer but the ride was set up through a car dealership when my car broke down and I needed to get towed to the service dept and get a ride home."

#4 πŸš– When a dealership's Uber makes you miss the cleanliness of a taxi. Sticky situations and smelly encounters await! #TaxiNostalgia


"The other time when the car went for service the dealership organized an Uber. It was so smelly and sticky. I felt dirty the whole day."

#5  πŸ“± When your Uber driver's TikTok addiction takes the wheel. Can we make it to the dealership in one piece? #DistractedDrivingDrama


"Y'all, my Uber driver is literally scrolling on TikTok while driving me to pick up my car from the dealership."

#6 😷 When your Uber smells like it needs a trip to the dealership itself. #MustyRideshare


"I should have just stayed at the dealership. Cause why is this Uber musty like this?" 

#7 πŸ¦‡ A Lyft driver racing against time (and sanity) to reach the dealership. Buckle up for a wild ride! #BatOutOfHell


"Get me out this Lyft! This man driving like a bat out of hell. Man I can't wait until the dealership tells me my car is ready."


And that's all, folks! Our thrilling journey through the wild world of ride-share nightmares has come to an end. But before we part ways, let's take a moment to reflect on what we've learned.



Firstly, while ride-shares can be undeniably convenient, their level of service can be like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get (when you hop into that car).

Secondly, customers who trust their car dealerships to arrange their rides are left feeling like they've been thrown into the lion's den with some unpredictable drivers. It's a hard moment when you realize your dealership might've unintentionally put you in harm's way.

Lastly, let's not forget that the conveniences of ride-shares can't replace the top-notch service provided by in-house shuttle services. With trained drivers who cater to customers' needs like Geoffrey the Butler, it's clear that quality outlasts convenience in the long run. Controlling the customer experience is always going to be the most important factor for determining satisfaction.

So, the next time you find yourself weighing the options between a ride-share or a trusty in-house shuttle service, keep these jaw-dropping tweets in mind and ponder: "Do I really want to roll the dice on this one?" Wishing you safe travels and smooth rides, wherever the road may take you! 

*Names, handles, and profile pictures of original posters have been changed for privacy reasons. Some tweets have been slightly modified for clarity, grammar, and readability.

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