No More Calls: A Service Advisor's Dream

by author Team Quickride on October 14, 2022


No More Calls A Service Advisors Dream  (1104 × 736 px)According to the National Automobile Dealers Association’s (NADA) mid-year 2022 report, dealerships wrote 135 million repair orders. If the vehicle owner behind each of these repair orders called the dealership providing the service, there would be no time to do anything else. While not every customer calls the service department, answering phone calls can greatly reduce a service department’s productivity. Dealership software can help a service advisor reduce phone call volume and increase productivity

Accurate Scheduling 

When you use dealership software, service advisors can set estimated times for when a particular service will be completed. The service advisors can use the software to notify the customers of the expected completion time. This will reduce the number of calls from customers asking when the service will be completed. Customers can then plan their day, confident that their car will be ready when promised. 

Information Transparency 

Customers get frustrated with dealerships when they feel there is a lack of transparency. In a world where almost all information is readily accessible, customers expect this level of information to be available with their dealership service department. Dealership software can increase transparency so that customers know exactly where in the service process their vehicle is. 

Despite careful planning, the unexpected does happen. Real-time updating through dealership software keeps everyone informed of the latest development. Dealership software gives service advisors the ability to update customers instantly at any point during the service process. It takes service agents less time to send a text update through the dealership software than to call the customer, giving your team more time to focus on other tasks in front of them. 

Shuttle Coordination 

Offering a shuttle service is a valuable asset for your dealership service department. However, it needs to provide a benefit and not be a source of frustration for your customers. Dealership software ensures that the service department and the shuttle team coordinate for seamless operation. That way, a customer is never left wondering where their ride is or when it is coming. Using a platform that reduces the amount of “Where’s my ride?” calls can greatly improve the efficiency of your service and satisfaction of your customers with your service department.

Preferred Communication Method 

Car owners don’t enjoy calling just as much as dealerships don’t enjoy answering those calls. According to the American life Project, 31% of Americans prefer to communicate through text than talk on the phone. Customers will choose to text when given the option, reducing the number of phone calls the service department receives. 

According to a recent J.D. Power survey, communication and information are key to a strong CSI score. In fact, 42% of customers prefer a text message informing them of their vehicle service status. As a result, implementing a push notification or text strategy is key to your dealership’s long term success.

Reduce Phone Calls and Improve Productivity 

By implementing dealership software, service advisors can reduce the number of customer phone calls they receive. Accurate scheduling sets your dealership up for success with fair customer expectations. Information transparency and real-time updates ensure a customer is always informed of the latest information. 

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