How To Get Out Of That Annoying Traffic Jam

by Kristine on October 24, 2022

Blog #24 How To Get Out Of That Annoying Traffic Jam

Congestion and traffic jams have ruined and irked many motorists across the country. While there is no magic bullet to reduce traffic, there are various strategies that will help you ease the congested conditions and get you back on the road quickly. The best way to avoid a traffic jam is to simply avoid it in the first place.

Getting stuck in traffic is a pain. It's especially annoying if you have to drive long distances and have a tight schedule to keep—like shuttle drivers. If you're a shuttle driver, it's important to learn how to avoid traffic jams and get out of them quickly. Here are some tips.

The first step is to make sure drivers are equipped with all of the tools they need to stay safe and get where they're going when they need to be there. This includes:

  1. Wear seatbelts: Seatbelts are designed to keep you safe in the event of an accident or sudden stop, so make sure your shuttle drivers wear them at all times.
  2. Keep your distance: Don't tailgate other vehicles, even if it means slowing down for a few minutes so you can safely pull into another lane. This way, you won't be distracted by someone else's driving habits and can focus on getting yourself out of the traffic jam!
  3. Obey speed limits: This is especially important if there are road closures or construction zones where it may be necessary for you to slow down or stop completely. In these situations, it's critical that every driver on the road follows these rules so everyone gets where they need.
  4. Don't use cruise control! Cruise control can be tempting when there's no other way around it, but it's actually more dangerous than speeding up and slowing down yourself because cruise control doesn't detect obstructions ahead like potholes or stalled vehicles (which are often hidden by fog). If something gets in front of your car while using cruise control, then you could end up slamming into it without even realizing what happened until afterward (which could lead to a serious accident).
  5. Use a shuttle management app like Quickride to optimize routes and save time and money. Shuttle management apps are a great way to manage your entire fleet, from tracking vehicles to managing routes and even monitoring driver performance. They can help you reduce fuel costs, increase efficiency and even save lives by making sure that everyone gets where they need to go safely.


Traffic is the bane of a road warrior’s existence. Whether you’re stuck in a rush-hour snarl or neglected because the exit is flooded, it can be frustrating and feel like one giant waste of time. To help address the problem, Quickride uses a proprietary algorithm that considers multiple factors simultaneously to get each customer where they need to go with the least amount of wait and shuttle ride time possible within a shared shuttle service.

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