How Auto Parts Delivery Software Improves Fixed Ops Departments

by author Team Quickride on May 18, 2022

According to NADA’s 2020 dealership financial profile, about half of a franchise dealership’s gross profit comes from the fixed ops department. Vehicle maintenance and repairs are less of a choice and more of a requirement when issues arise. However, scheduling and delivery of these parts can prove to be a headache for some service departments. Investing in your Fixed Operations department by using software improves the efficiency of auto parts delivery services, while ensuring a reliable stream of revenue. 

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Increased Repair Efficiency 

Utilizing parts delivery software increases repair efficiency by enabling your technicians to have the parts they need or receiving them quickly if a part is not on-hand. The goal of every dealership is to transition car-buying customers into service customers. The higher this conversion rate, the increased financial stability and market fluctuation insulation the dealership experiences. Despite a dealership’s best efforts, this is not always possible. Utilizing a parts delivery software improves the speed in which your technicians get the parts they need in order to quickly repair vehicles with quality parts. This level of service can develop an ongoing relationship with the customer, increasing the likelihood of them returning for significant service needs when they know their issues will be resolved quickly. 

Improved Inventory Management 

Utilizing a parts delivery software can make it easier to manage parts inventory levels. In a post-COVID world where supply chain logistics can get complicated, ensuring you have the necessary parts on hand is essential. Scheduling and tracking parts arrival Accurately managing parts delivery orders is a piece of fixed ops operations that when managed effectively, makes inventory management for the entire service department easier. 

Growth Beyond Shop Capacity 

There are a limited number of service bays in a dealership’s service center. At a certain point, a dealership cannot continue to grow its fixed ops earning potential without expanding the service center facility. This presents additional investment costs that the dealership may not be able to incur. 

An alternative earning potential is parts sales. The sale and delivery of automotive parts represent a high ceiling of earning potential. Departmental expansion is also easier with lower developmental costs. Working with parts delivery/mobile mechanic software, scaling up is possible with a well-managed delivery service. 

Increase Dealership CSI 

Your dealership’s CSI score is a crucial metric for ensuring the business's overall success. You can use a parts delivery software to improve your dealership’s CSI score. Customers feel more positively about a dealership when they feel valued, experience transparency, and get the service that they are looking for. Sometimes, that value hinges on your dealership’s ability to have ample inventory of parts and be able to deliver parts needed in a timely manner. The more positive experiences customers and partners have with a dealership, the higher your CSI score will be.

How Quickride Can Improve Fixed Ops Departmental Operations 

The Quickride app features a three portal platform that gives the dealership service center associates, delivery drivers, and customers a convenient and easy to use app for the management of orders. This makes parts delivery simple and streamlined, allowing for growth and increased profit earning.   

Command Center Assignments 

Service and parts center associates can manage the transport aspect of their parts delivery program from a user-friendly portal. A calendar allows for the scheduling of delivery drivers for effective team management. Assign specific deliveries to drivers and track their location for optimized routing. Track individual jobs to ensure timely completion. With a single portal for managing and optimizing processes, service center associates can reduce the amount of time spent scheduling and managing delivery drivers. This enables associates to be more productive with other duties. 

Optimized Delivery Performance 

A dedicated delivery driver app ensures each driver knows where they are going and with what parts. Upon logging into their shift, each driver will see a clean list of assignments that they are to complete. Within each assignment, there are notes outlining the individual parts that are to be delivered for that particular order. This ensures that each order gets fulfilled correctly and completely. Upon commencing each delivery, drivers will receive turn by turn directions. This ensures they take the most optimized route for the level of traffic, time of day, construction, and weather. When orders are fulfilled correctly, and drivers take optimized routes, they spend less time on the road for each individual order, allowing for more deliveries and creating less wear and tear on the delivery vehicle. 

Improved Customer Communication and Happiness

With a dedicated customer portal, Quickride ensures that your customers stay informed through the entire delivery process. With real time updates, your dealership maintains transparency and open communication with each customer. Not only does this improve customer happiness, but it also reduces the number of phone calls the service teams receive from customers following up on their parts order. At any time, customers can log into their dedicated portal and see the status of their delivery and the delivery driver's location. 

Improve Your Parts Delivery Service

Utilizing an auto parts delivery software can help your dealership improve its fixed ops performance. Your fixed ops department can increase sales through customer retention, optimized operations, and improved customer satisfaction. Quickride is a three portal system that creates a user-friendly platform that makes managing your parts delivery service simple. 

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