Give your Brand a Ride

by Kristine on March 11, 2022

Man in shuttle ride looking out of the window. Photo by Ono Kosuki from PexelsWhether you're responsible for sales or service at your dealership, you know that every single customer is valuable. Whether they come to shop, browse your inventory or bring their car in for service, their money still counts. When it comes to bridging the gap between you and your customer, there are many things you can do to bring value. It doesn't always have to be expensive – sometimes it can be free. It all depends on your priorities. Do you want to improve your customer satisfaction ratings? Do you want to get more visitors to your dealership? Do you want them to stick around longer and make more visits? If these things are important to you, maybe it's time to consider getting a shuttle service.

Brand yourself and get noticed.

The benefits of a car dealership shuttle service versus rideshare take more than a quick glance to understand. While ridesharing may be more convenient, it could be hurting more than it’s helping. Car dealerships are losing brand loyalty by putting customers in vehicles of competing brands. It is not uncommon to hear phrases from rideshare drivers like: “Your car is in the shop? I have a [competing brand] and I never have to take it in!”. By delegating the experience, you lose control of the process, and a customer could receive negative feedback from the driver about your brand or dealership. 

Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft also do not allow brand advertising and marketing. You no longer have a roaming billboard broadcasting your dealership to the community, as well as advertising the fact that you have an awesome shuttle!

In addition, many customers feel unsafe or uncomfortable riding in a stranger’s vehicle. And it is nothing against ride-share companies, but not everyone is at the same level of comfort in these new services and would prefer the accountability that comes with a dealership-owned and operated shuttle.

In contrast, the customer will be riding in a branded vehicle from your dealership whenever you provide them with a shuttle service to get around town while their car is being serviced. The shuttle driver will be representing your dealership as a whole as they drive around other customers and citizens of the community. This allows for more brand exposure and helps build brand loyalty between the dealership and the customer.

Deliver on your promises.

You've heard the expression "under-promise and over-deliver." This is one of those critical key points to remember when in a service industry. Make a promise to your customer that you can deliver on, and then go above and beyond to keep that promise.

High-quality car dealership shuttle services can give your customers a better experience than rideshare programs.

Customers want to feel special. They want to feel like you know who they are, what their needs are, and how you can meet them. If you use a shuttle service for your dealership, your customers will appreciate the personal attention to detail that makes them feel like an individual instead of just another face in the crowd.

The more information you can get about your client, the better you can tailor their experience at your dealership. This information is invaluable when it comes time to methodically choose the right vehicle for their needs and budget.

Using a shuttle service with professional drivers will give you the best opportunity to gather this information during the ride from home or office to your dealership. These details will help you create a customized car buying experience for each customer that walks through the door.

Go the extra mile to keep customers loyal. A shuttle service for your dealership can boost your reputation in a way that rideshare services can't.

Don't be the dealer who lets your customers down.

Did you know that 63% of car buyers say an excellent customer experience is more important than price?

And, did you know that consumers are willing to pay more money for good service? It's no secret that good service means repeat business, and repeat business helps keep your dealership profitable. When you provide a free shuttle service for your customers, they know you're going out of your way to help them, and they'll appreciate that extra effort.

It sounds like extra work at first, but it's not that much different than what dealerships have been doing for decades: providing loaners for customers with cars in the shop. Loaner programs are expensive to run, but they provide tangible customer benefits and help differentiate dealers from their competitors. A similar logic applies to shuttle services. 

The truth is that most people just want an easy and convenient way to get around while their car is being serviced — and they want it provided by the dealer itself, not necessarily an outside company. Sure, some customers may not care who gives them a ride, but others will appreciate the convenience (and trustworthiness) of getting an on-demand pickup right outside their dealership's front door. There's no magic involved. A successful shuttle service takes work, commitment, and a business plan that includes marketing your dealership as well as providing travel for customers.

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