Exceptional Car Dealership Pickup and Delivery Services

by Kristine on December 12, 2023

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As our worlds become busier and technology evolves, the demand for convenience continues to rise. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the automotive industry, particularly when it comes to dealership services. Car dealerships recognized this and stepped up, introducing vehicle pickup and delivery services. But what do customers have to say about it? Let's delve into customer reviews and experiences!

Top Dealerships with High Customer Satisfaction

Across the country, numerous dealerships offer this innovative service. Some have garnered exceptional reviews from satisfied customers, thanks to their commitment to efficiency and convenience, as illustrated by a Quickride Case study.

These dealerships, understanding the evolving needs of their clients in this increasingly digital and busy world, often leverage digital solutions like Quickride to streamline and enhance their vehicle pickup and delivery services. 

Customer Testimonial 

Customers who used these hassle-free services shared strikingly positive experiences. Mark Toohey, Service Manager of 3 Way Chevrolet, said, “Before Quickride, we had no idea where our shuttles were and I was constantly interrupted with angry customers demanding to know when they were going to be picked up. Once we implemented Quickride, I stopped getting customer complaints about the shuttle, I started earning new money from warranty reimbursements and I was saving money on my customer transportation. Thank you Quickride!”

Benefits of Vehicle Pickup and Delivery Services

As confirmed by customer experiences, convenience is the clearest advantage of these services. But there's more than meets the eye. By fetching the vehicle and delivering it back, the dealership is investing in their relationship with the customer. It reduces the stress of logistics, gives back invaluable time, and let the customer rest easy, knowing experts are taking care of their vehicle.

Aside from the obvious time-saving factor, this approach is also eco-friendlier. Optimized driving routes can reduce the overall carbon footprint, illustrating the dealership's commitment to sustainability.


In conclusion, while the switch to dealership vehicle pickup and delivery services can seem novel, early adaptors are reaping the rewards in saved time, minimized stress, and increased convenience. Check out more about this service here Empowering Dealerships: Vehicle Pickup and Delivery for Service Managers and take a moment to review your own experiences; your feedback could make car maintenance easier for someone else!

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