Electric vehicles and shuttle services: Are they a good fit for car dealerships?

by Kristine on July 1, 2022

Electric vehicles (EVs) are certainly a hot topic right now. With car manufacturers like Tesla, General Motors, and Ford accelerating their efforts to develop EVs while also building the infrastructure to support them, the electric vehicle market has become a growingly attractive avenue for investors. But what is the outlook for this new kind of dealership? And what could dealerships do with consumers’ growing interest in EVs? The future is looking bright for both electric vehicles and shuttle services, and it's only a matter of time before it is fully integrated into a car dealership's current business models.

Electric vehicles are on the rise in the US.

Electric vehicles are on the rise in the US. The number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the road has increased tenfold since 2012, as more and more people choose to go green. EV sales are expected to grow for at least a decade, but it's not just about saving money—it's also about saving lives.

Electric vehicles’ popularity is no surprise given that they help protect our environment and save you money: EVs have fewer moving parts than gas-powered cars and therefore require less maintenance; they also produce no tailpipe emissions, making them much healthier for everyone who lives near major roads or highways where toxic fumes from idling cars are often released into the air we breathe every day.

The US leads in terms of electric vehicle adoption! With over one million EVs on American roads today (and counting). With the zero-emission vehicles, we will see a rapid increase in EV production. According to the latest forecast from investment bank UBS, by 2025, 20% of all new cars sold globally will be electric. By 2030, that figure will have risen to 40%, and by 2040, nearly every new car sold globally will be electric.

In order for your dealership to stay competitive, you may want to consider investing in a shuttle service for your customers that want an environmentally friendly ride but don't necessarily have an EV at their disposal.

What does this mean for dealerships?

The future of the car dealership is looking very bright. It's important to consider sustainability when choosing a car because it affects both the environment and budget —electric vehicles are perfect for this because they can improve both!

The benefits of electric vehicles are endless, but if you're a Fixed Operation Director and you want to improve your shuttle services, check the list of benefits below:

The 5 Benefits of Electric Vehicles for Car Dealerships

  1. Reduced Fuel Cost - Electric vehicles are less than half the price to operate as gas-powered vehicles. This means that you can save money and offer an even more attractive service to your customers.
  2. Lower Maintenance Costs - Electric vehicles last longer and require less maintenance than gasoline vehicles, which translates into cost savings for you as a dealership. 
  3. Increased Customer Awareness - Many of your customers likely have never ridden in one of your manufacturer’s electric cars. This is a great opportunity to get them used to the idea of EVs while also demonstrating the new technology from your franchise.
  4. Less Pollution - Electric shuttles are much cleaner than gasoline-powered buses, which means that they help reduce pollution in your community and help protect our environment. 
  5. Excellent Value Proposition - Your dealership will be able to offer a better value proposition than competitors if you start offering electric shuttles as part of your courtesy shuttle services.

Great Customer Service Opportunities

A great way for dealerships to make the most of electric vehicles is by integrating them into their existing service offerings. You can use them to help provide better customer service, something that's not just important but in many cases a competitive advantage.

For dealerships that have a strong relationship with their customers, this can be an effective way of building trust and earning referrals. When you're offering customers something they value and appreciate—such as EV charging services—you're giving them an even more compelling reason to come back again and again.

Dealership shuttle services could be a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly option.

The electric vehicle (EV) market is expected to grow in demand for the next decade, which means that dealerships would be smart to think about adding a shuttle service to their existing fleet of EV and hybrid vehicles.

But what’s in it for you? Consider these benefits:

  • Cost-effectiveness: A shuttle service can reduce the number of cars your dealership needs, making it more cost-effective than traditional ride-sharing options. And with lower overhead costs on gas, insurance and maintenance costs, you may find your net income significantly improves—and fast!
  • Environmental impact: EVs are known for being some of the cleanest and most efficient forms of transportation available today. They don’t pollute our air as much as other vehicles do, so they have less negative impact on our environment overall. This makes them an ideal option for car dealerships that want to lead by example by offering environmentally conscious choices to their clients.
  • Customer satisfaction: The more convenient customers find your dealership's services when making purchases like this one, the more that you can expect them to keep coming back, and perhaps, also bring in a family member or a friend. 


Electric vehicles and shuttle services are a great fit for car dealerships. By offering a modern app that shows real-time information on shuttle availability, you can reduce customer dissatisfaction by providing modern and efficient service.

The biggest challenge that car dealerships face is the cost of fuel. Fuel can make up to 20% of your total operating cost, and that number is only going up as electric vehicles become more popular.

Quickride offers an innovative way to reduce customer dissatisfaction. It provides real-time information on shuttle availability, optimizing routes for EVs thus significantly reducing cost. With Quickride, it's easy to make sure that every trip is profitable—no matter what type of vehicle you're using! Schedule a demo today!

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