Do you know where your shuttle driver is?

by Kristine on June 28, 2022

Car dealerships that offer shuttle services provide a convenient alternative to public transportation and ride-share, with the added bonus of door-to-door service. For customers, how fast they are able to arrive at their destination is the most important factor. However, before they get on-board, you’ll need to convince them of how much quicker or more convenient the service will be than their other options. It is possible that they may use an outside service to get back to their home or office that may leave a negative experience in their mind. Shuttles are a great way of increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty because it eliminates a common concern for your customers when they suddenly find themselves without a vehicle.

The problem many dealerships are experiencing today is that providing a shuttle service provides little transparency to the customers as to where the shuttles are, how long they will take, and therefore make it difficult for customers to determine whether or not to leave their car at your dealership. This is where Quickride comes in.

Quickride offers a software platform that automates and enhances your existing shuttle service process. It gives you instant access to all of the information needed by both employees and customers. When you're a car dealership offering shuttle services, it's important to keep your drivers happy so that customers are satisfied. 

Here are 5 benefits of Quickride for shuttle drivers:

  1. Shuttle drivers can quickly get real-time updates on passenger ride requests, so they know where they need to be and when.
  2. Shuttle drivers’ routes are optimized, which can save time and fuel costs by not driving off course or driving too far in one direction.
  3. Shuttle drivers get turn-by-turn navigation that lets them see where they are on their route at all times, so even if there's an unexpected obstacle in their way, they can still get their passengers where they need to go without delay or getting lost. 
  4. Shuttle drivers can also receive real-time feedback from passengers about their experience on the shuttle service, which gives service managers valuable insight into where they are excelling and where they can improve.
  5. Shuttle administrators are able to track their usage data in real-time. Using the Insights Dashboard, they can see the miles driven on average, the number of trips completed per day, average ride rating, that makes it easier to see quickly how the drivers are performing and that the customers are satisfied with the service

If you are in the automotive industry and offer shuttle services, then you need to know that it’s not just about getting your customers from Point A to Point B. You also need to make sure that the drivers are happy when offering this service to customers. The main reason why drivers are not happy is because of the lack of communication between them, the team scheduling rides, and their customers. 

Shuttle drivers are the ones that make sure that customers get to their destinations safely, comfortably, and in a timely manner. We want to continue improving the process, allowing shuttle drivers to give all car riders more personalized, comfortable, and reliable shuttle service. To learn more about Quickride, get in touch with us today. 

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