A Free Shuttle a Day Keeps the Headaches Away

by Kristine on October 12, 2022

The service department is a crucial part of any dealership. It's where your customers go when they need urgent help with their vehicles, and it's also where you get to make a lasting  connection. You want them to leave with a smile on their face and a good feeling about your dealership.

So how can you make sure that happens? By offering them a free shuttle service!

You might be thinking "Wait—what?" But hear us out: when your customers are waiting for their car to be fixed, they're going to have some time on their hands. That's why offering them a shuttle will keep them from getting bored or frustrated, and it'll give them something else to focus on while they wait for their vehicle.

And there are other benefits as well:

  1. You'll attract more customers: Offering free shuttles will attract new customers who may not have come in otherwise. And once they've been exposed to your dealership, there's a good chance they'll come back for other services as well! A well-branded shuttle also serves as a roaming billboard for your dealership and the great services it offers.
  2. You'll get more referrals: When your current customers are happy with their experience, they're more likely to tell others about it (and recommend them). This means more people coming through the door from word-of-mouth advertising—and that means bigger profits!
  3. You'll retain customers longer: Happy clients are loyal clients—and when they're loyal, they keep coming back for more services (and bringing their friends along). This is great for your business because it means you don't have to spend as much marketing money on new customers.
  4. You'll attract more high-quality leads: When you're getting positive reviews, more people will notice and check out your dealership. This is especially true if you advertise yourself as a company that values customer service—and when they come in and see that you really do deliver on this promise, they'll be impressed! You can also leverage a good relationship to acquire customers’ vehicles directly from the service bays.
  5. You'll improve your brand image: When people see that you're getting positive reviews all over the internet, they'll start to associate your dealership with quality service. This will lead to more leads and sales for you.

It's easy to see why offering a free shuttle service can be a valuable tool in your dealership's marketing strategy. It's a simple way to show customers that you care about them and want to go above and beyond the norm when it comes to customer service. Partner your free shuttle service with Quickride which is designed to automate and optimize shuttle usage and improve your service department.

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Quickride’s shuttle management software offers real-time updates on customer's phone and the ability to schedule rides without having to call or email. 

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