5 Ways to Improve Dealer Management and Save Time

by Kristine on February 21, 2022

In a time when dealers are experiencing record-low inventory numbers, it’s crucial to find other methods for growth and profit generation. One viable strategy is to improve dealer management to save time, reduce operational costs, and increase alternative profit sources. 

Consider implementing these five strategies at your dealership to save time and improve operations. 

1. Highlight High-CSI Services

CSI - it’s a term you’re intimately familiar with, as it’s the raw indicator by which your efforts are measured. It’s becoming more important to become distinct in your customer service practices, as customers demand procedures without any hiccups. Instead of focusing solely on vehicle price, you should also adopt underutilized but high-CSI services to help close deals or market to potential prospects. These services could include shuttle rides, vehicle pickup/delivery, free car washes, etc. Brainstorm with your team to come up with the best solution for your dealership. Whether receiving bonuses for your dealership or retaining customers, your CSI score is important to generating business for your rooftop. By implementing these high-value services, the returns will be well worth the initial investment.

2. Implement Shuttle Route Optimization Software

More than half of car owners wait at the dealership when having their car worked on. Unfortunately, waiting also translates to a decrease in satisfaction as customers become impatient. Having a shuttle service improves customer satisfaction, but many dealerships are wary to implement one in-house because of the perceived costs. 

In the long term, this cost actually can end up generating profit for you, especially if you use  shuttle route optimization software. Efficient drivers reduce transportation time while the easy-to-use system reduces status update requests to your service team, allowing them to focus on other tasks. You save money on gas, vehicle depreciation, and generate more business by bringing in repeat customers. Additionally, having a customer shuttle with efficient routes can increase your bottom line when customers leave your rooftop. Customers who leave the dealership actually rate their service 20% higher and spend more on their repairs than those who wait in the lounge.

3. Have Streamlined Communication

Communication is vital for an efficient internal operation. When everyone is on the same page, they can work together without needless delays that cause frustration. You also need a system that improves communication with your customers. Real-time automated updates to customers improves their experience while reducing the number of manual tasks required of your team. Having a single source of truth for both your service department team and your customers is crucial to delivering exceptional service and a delightful end-to-end customer experience.

Maybe this is the year to re-invest your record profits into finally getting onto a new DMS or CRM that your dealership has been avoiding. 

4. Having an All-In-One Solution

Nothing is more frustrating and time-consuming than having to learn multiple software systems. You’ll need to integrate them all to get comprehensive reporting for an accurate understanding of day-to-day dealer operations. The alternative is to log into each system individually to pull reports from each. Instead, you can have one system that encompasses everything. A single system unifies the different departments within the dealership for streamlined cross-department operations. It creates a single centralized system that encompasses all information for a single database that streamlines tracking and data analysis. For example, for dealerships that take advantage of manufacturer warranty ride reimbursement, you’ll want to have a system that tracks these rides and automatically pulls reports all from the same software.

5. Find Ways to Reduce Stress

When you have a well-organized system for managing your dealership, you can reduce stress levels across your entire dealership. When using efficient processes that make it easier to perform services and enjoy working, you can boost productivity and decrease taxing situations that hinder your team. This can ultimately transfer over to your customers, encouraging them to do business with you again when they have an enjoyable experience.

Not all stressors can be reduced the same way, so make sure to mix it up! Outside events like go-karting and fancy dinners may work for some people, while improving software that saves time and reduces frustrations may work for others.

Improve Your Dealer Management Processes 

When you improve and optimize your dealer management processes, you can save valuable time, improve productivity, and devote resources to your priority tasks at your dealership. Furthermore, having a more pleasant experience at your dealership gives you a competitive advantage over other local dealerships and helps your employees stay happier for longer. Create an efficient environment that works for both your employees and customers!

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